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Welcome to botsfordLAW. We are here to help you navigate some of the most important and personal legal matters that can affect you, your family and others about whom you care.

The firm is operated by Blair L. Botsford, who has over 17 years experience dedicated to developing and implementing estate law solutions tailored to the specific needs of her clients. Blair also works with lawyers to assist them with their client matters and provide consulting services.

Our firm focuses on all aspects of estate law including Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Estate and Business Succession Planning, Probate and Estate Administration, Estate and Trust Disputes. Explore the Services tab for more information about how Blair can help you find solutions to your estate law needs. 

Wills allow you to control the distribution of your estate, set up trusts to manage distributions for minors and others after you pass, and take advantage of tax deferral opportunities.

Without a valid Will, Ontario law dictates how a person's estate will be distributed. There is no flexibility in the legislation.

Powers of Attorney (property and personal care) allow you to apoint substitute decision makers to assist with financial or health care decisions when you are unable to do so yourself.

Without valid powers of attorney in place, if a person no longer has capacity to administer their financial or personal care decisions, an application to court could be required to appoint an appropriate person to act.

Probate refers to the process of formally proving a Will as well as the process of having an estate trustee (formerly "executor") appointed where there is no valid Will.

Probate is not mandatory in Ontario but can be demanded by third parties to protect them from liability. Probate can also protect estate trustees.

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